Terrorism. Accounting For All The Inhumanity

As our war on terrorism is executed on a daily basis, this ordeal, never seems to come to an end. To date, the leader of Al Qaeda, Bin Laden, has eluded captured. Oddly, one man has been able to overcome the best efforts of our military, our allies, and that of the best intelligence organizations of the world. Still, to this day, his reign of terror persists to infuriate the many who continue the fight against, not just Al Qaeda, but the Taliban as well. When I personally think of terrorism, I think of all the inhumane acts, “already,” perpetrated upon the public by these unconscionable animals. “Animals,” because they prey on the innocent, seeking to destroy the peace and serenity of mankind, yet, while the only resolve we have come up with, is to fight them on their own terms. Bin Laden, as many of the tyrants before him, will go down in the annals of history as being and having been the most elusive one of them all. Compared to the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, Genghis Khan, Napoleon and all the rest who reigned tyranny upon mankind, Bin Laden, has been the exception. Exception, for it makes many wonder whether all this is uncanny and strangely unusual, or is his ability to remain free, aided by some insider information. I do not surmise, anything “supernatural” in nature, either. Trust me, i’d love to kill him.

We rarely hear of the fight against Al Qaeda, but now hear overwhelming news reports about casualties inflicted against the Taliban. There are “two” wars the United States has set as an agenda in Afghanistan. The war on Terrorism, and the war on “drugs.” The Taliban is actively distributing opium, and in Afghanistan, it is the number one cash crop. So the presumption has to be, which war are we “really” fighting in Afghanistan? “Both.” And this is the difficulty which is confronted each day by our best military leaders within this country to this day. Many of these soldiers for the Taliban, including soldiers of Al Qaeda, were initially trained by the CIA when Russia was trying to occupy this country. Once the war ended in the defeat of the Russians, U.S support ended and the peoples of Afghanistan were left to rebuild their own country. Bin Laden and many of his associates remain elusive because it is this countries fault that these soldiers are so well “trained.” Were it a simple matter of warfare, the tyranny of the Taliban and Al Qaeda would not still be permeating the air with their inhumane acts of terrorism, nor would we still be guessing where the next attack occur. Bin Laden did not train “himself.” He had good “teachers.” United States intelligence agents. And, he has retaliated harshly against, not just those teachers, but the nation they come from who wished to stop the Russians then decided to abandon them. In the sick minds of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, we are all to blame for using them to accomplish a campaign against the Russians.

I am a patriot to my county, having been a Marine during Vietnam, but is it not time to create an initiative of law enforcement against the terrorists? An initiative of “accountability.” There are “suppliers” of arms, money, bombs, vehicles, and the like which are an “essential” part of carrying on a war. These terrorists continue because a plan has not hit the board to cut the lines that keep all the supplies coming in for Al Qaeda and the Taliban. One of these plans should be as the one used during World War Two. “Retain” the relatives of known terrorists within prison camps, “until” those soldiers involved, turn themselves in to proper authorities. “Accountability,” is what is needed in our war on terrorism, and that should include all those who support the terrorists and their actions against the humanity.